Artist at Heart.

I am an artist, photographer, and designer from Dallas, Texas.

I began sketching as a child and recall my first figurative drawing of my father at the age of 7.

As an artist, the use of oil paints and brushes expanded my mind to find beauty in everything. I focused on my surroundings and captured this beauty with the use of a new tool.

Hence my brand was established in 2009.

I became the first female photographer in Texas recognized for specializing in Bombs photography.

2014 I was recruited by Bombs Magazine.

Girl Power

My portraiture photography style is simple, and authentic.  

I use a combination of flash and ambient light.

My main goal is to empower and capture the beauty of women. 

Art Work

Please visit back with me to view future art work.

Art will include a variety of printed and framed photography, custom drawings designed into greeting cards, and sketched or painted visual art work.

I look forward to engage and embrace more of my God given talents.

In return, I hope my work brings joy and happiness to every individual it crosses.